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Who are you?

John West started JOCO Commisioners Watch. He has done so in an effort to hold public officials accountable. More people are joining the group almost daily.

Why are you doing this?

As a voter/taxpayer that was born in Josephine County, John West originally voted for Lily Morgan. Through her support of extreme spending, and the multiple reports of Morgan not treating others with respect, West decided something needed to be done. So he began an investigation. What he found was that she rarely if ever takes responsibility for anything she does wrong but she always blames others. West wonders if she has forgotten that she works for us – the People.

He decided that the problem went well beyond just Lily Morgan and wanted to create a platform to hold all politicians accountable to the public whom they have committed to represent.

How long have you been investigating Lily Morgan, and has it cost you money?

John West has been investigating Morgan for about 2 years. West has interviewed over 100 people, filed multiple FOIA requests, and has spent thousands of dollars. The investigation is ongoing. Contact us if you have any information.

Has John West personally talked to Lily Morgan? If so, what did she say?

Mr. West was told by a local pastor that it was his duty to go to Lily Morgan with his concerns. According to West, that is exactly what he did – telling her that how she acts and what she does, according to the record, is not right or fair to others, especially tax payers. West maintains that Lily Morgan set about blaming others, making excuses and generally not taking responsibility or for anything. It was at that point that West realized Lily Morgan was not working for the citizens of Josephine County, and that he owes it to the taxpayers / voters to expose the abuse of power and money that he has uncovered.

Who are you supporting for commissioner?

We are not supporting or endorsing anyone at this time – nor is Mr. West. The only thing we know is that we will not be voting for the re-election of Lily Morgan.

Will you be investigating other commissioners and/or elected officials?

We will investigate and report on any elected official in Josephine County when there is credible evidence given of wrongdoing. Do you have any evidence? Contact us immediately.